Hi, my name is Henry Harding. I am a freelance proofreader based in Caversham, Reading (UK).

Publishing a book?

Producing a leaflet or website for your business?

Designing a wedding invitation?

Writing a CV?

I can help you.


Why do I need a proofreader?

Because mistakes happen. It’s so easy to misspell (not mispell!) a word on a promotional flyer or insert an erroneous apostrophe into a restaurant menu (anyone for potato’s?!) but it never looks good. Professionalism is very important in business and many people will judge you, and your ability to provide the service you offer, on seemingly trivial things like this.

A proofreader will ensure that any literature you produce or display on your website will be polished, accurate and free of errors.

Similarly, if you are applying for a job, a CV littered with grammatical errors will more than likely rule you out of the running long before the potential employer has had a chance to discover how wonderful you are. Competition is often fierce, and even if the job you are applying for involves no writing, employers are ruthless when it comes to whittling down applicants.

A proofreader will ensure that nothing so silly as a hyphen will cause you to miss out on your dream job.

Recent innovations in the publishing industry have made it easier than ever before for authors to publish their own books. Authors, in these instances, are often tempted to proofread their own manuscripts. While this may save money, it is rarely a good idea. Spotting mistakes in one’s own work is notoriously difficult (even proofreaders themselves struggle with this!) and the chances are many errors will go unnoticed.

A proofreader will ensure that the piece of work you’ve cried and sweated over for the last two (maybe twenty!) years won’t be ruined by an unfortunate typo.

Can I afford it?

Proofreading costs a fraction of the price of other stages of publication, such as design, marketing and distribution, and is arguably more important. After all, what’s the use in having a beautifully designed book jacket if there is a spelling mistake on it?

Please see here for more info on pricing.

Why should I choose you?

  • I am a fully qualified, professional proofreader with a thorough knowledge of both UK and US grammar and an exceptional eye for detail.

If there are errors lurking in your work, I will find them!

  • I am friendly and professional and have never missed a deadline.

Whatever your project you can be completely confident that I will deliver it on time and at the agreed price.

  • I am happy to work with you on any type of project involving the English language – academic books, novels, leaflets, brochures, website text, wedding invitations.

No job too big or too small.

What will you do for me?

  • Thoroughly check your work for spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes
  • Correct inconsistency in the use of capitals, italics, punctuation and spelling
  • Check page numbers tally
  • Check layout – consistent font size and type, tables and illustrations correctly labelled
  • Read for logic and sense and look out for inconsistencies in the plot, terminology and style.

How will you proofread my work?

There are a number of different ways I can proofread your work:

  • On paper, either ‘blind’ or against copy, using BS 5261C:2005 proofreading marks
  • On a PDF document, using mutually agreed annotation
  • On a Word document, using the ‘Track Changes’ function.